Frequently Asked Questions

1. Bringing Personal Items:
Can I bring my own vendor like a photographer or candy station?
Yes, you can bring your own vendors. However, there is an outside vendor fee of $150, and they must provide proof of insurance and liability. Feel free to discuss additional services with your hall manager. 

2. Capacity and Costs:
Are service charges, gratuity, and cleaning fees included, or are they additional?
We do not charge gratuity or cleaning fees. Taxes are the only additional cost.

3. Payment Information:
How much is the deposit?
The minimum deposit is $500.
What's the payment schedule?
We request prompt monthly payments.
When is the deposit due?
As soon as you decide to book your event, we recommend doing so promptly as we operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. Pricing and Customization:
What are the rates for different days and times?
♦ Rates are subject to change. Please contact our Special Event Coordinators for current pricing details.
Does the price change if I remove a specific service?*
Yes, all our packages are customizable.


5. Bar Services:
What types of drinks are served at the bar?
Our premium bar includes Whiskey, Rum,  Vodka, Gin, Red Wine, White Wine, Domestic Beer, and mixed drinks such as Pina Colada, Cosmopolitan, and more.


6. Event Attendees:
Do small children count, like babies?
♦ Count only children who need a seat and a meal; recommended for ages 2-12.
Is there a different rate for children?
Yes, the rate for children depends on the package
What happens if fewer people show up the day of the event? Do I get my money back?*
♦ No credit is given for fewer attendees on the day of the event since the food and other items were already ordered.

7. Cancellation and Payments:
What happens with my deposits if the event is canceled?
In any case, you have a 1-year credit to use on your event or another one.
Are monthly payments required?*
♦ Yes, monthly payments are required to keep your agreement active.
By when does the total payment need to be settled?
The total payment needs to be settled one month before the event.

8. Additional Food Considerations:
Can I bring my own food?
♦ No, our insurance provider forbids it.
Can I bring my own liquor?
Yes, you can bring your own liquor. Please hand it to your bartender to ensure proper control. It cannot be outside the bar.

9. We booked! What now?
When do we get together to go over decorations, the food menu, and all the final details for
the event?
This is usually done between 1-2 months before the event. Contact your hall manager to arrange a date for this.
When will the MC, limo and DJ contact me?
♦ All three will be contacting you the week of the event.
When is the last day I can add people or any additional services?
You can add additional people or services up to one week before the event.
Right after signing:
Select your photographer.
Send out save-the-dates.
Stay current with your monthly payments.
3 months before:
Check over the additional services list to see if you want to add anything else to your event.
Start looking for dresses and book makeup artist.
Start looking at décor options on our Instagram.
Send your invite and collect RSVPs.
Create and organize your guest list, grouping them by table usually 10 people per table)
Start making your slideshow.
Book hotels if needed.
Schedule décor appointment with your hall manager
Schedule photo session with photographer.
Start buying the party favors and cake topper.
1 month before:
Begin to narrow down the guest list and start adding people if needed with the hall manager.
Call your event manager if you have any questions or concerns.
Last chance to add any additional services that will take your event to the next level!
Week of event:
Look out for phone calls from Master of Ceremony, limousine company, and DJ.
Double check the guest list and let us know if you have any last-minute people coming.